Your pet is an important member of the family. Therefore, if you need to travel, either for pleasure or business, there is no way to leave it at home. However, this love is often not enough to make your trip a trouble-free experience. This process demands a lot of work and has several crucial aspects, such as the imports regulations of each country, health requirements and travel alternatives to ensure your pet a stress-free journey and a successful relocation.

PETWINGS accompanies you during the whole process, offering a full logistic service to ensure that your pet is safe, comfortable and happy. Our service is "door to door". We have hundreds of pets, usually dogs and cats relocated to almost any part of the world, and fully satisfied owners. Our team consists of veterinarians trained in this type of process, so your pet's health will be monitored at all times. The trust placed on us is our best asset.

As specialists in exports and imports of animals, we ensure the arrival of your pet to the country of destination without any problems that may occur along the way and as quickly and safely as possible, taking into account the comfort and welfare of your beloved pet at all times.



·       Health procedures in the country of origin (PERU)


o   Vaccinations


o   Microchip


o   Clinical analysis – Rabies Titer Tests and others


o   Health certificate


o   Export certificate - SENASA


·       Import permits


·       Air booking


·       Air transport –Cargo


·       Customs formalities


·       Customs clearance and transportation in the country of destination


·       Full logistics before, during and after the trip